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Daisy is doing well. We took her to the vet yesterday and received a glowing report. I drop the papers off to you tomorrow as I forgot them at home today. Let me know if I should bring her for a visit.  She is eating well. She has scrambled eggs with her organic food in the morning and ground chicken with her organic food at night and just the organic food for lunch.  Her stools are good and Dr. Madeiros said she will be ok though.  We play football with a foam football and walk her on a leash in our yard. My son can't wait until we can take her on the road though.  Thank you so much for her, she is such a joy!
  Jonelle Christopher
  Sparx's first day with us!  He is such a good Puppy, we feel blessed to have him apart of our family.  He seems not to be too interested in his food, although he does eat occasionally, we are having to encourage him - do you have any tips?
  Mark Taylor

Lefty is doing well and has settled in nicely.  He and my kids are the best of friends and he follows my daughter around like a little shadow which she loves!  The vet says he is in great shape.  After having had Lefty at home for a week, it has been obvious to me that you invested a considerable amount of time and effort into him and his siblings which certainly made his transition into his new home as easy as possible for him and for us.  We appreciate that very much and will make sure to continue working with him to ensure that he grows up to become a great dog.